Childhood & Adolescent Services

My roots are in working with children and families. I have worked with children of all ages. Currently I am only providing telehealth, however, with children 6 and up, we are still able to do some work through this platform.   I also work with parents to address issues from infancy and early childhood, but I would be working with the parent to assist them in addressing their children’s needs in the home.

Children continue to need outside support, and many parents are finding that they are needing it more than ever, due to increased isolation, more stress in the home, and more pressure to work independently due to current circumstances.  Having outside support is often essential to intervene during these critical years, and ensuring our children have a bright, prosperous, healthy future.

Children have many stressors that adults forget about.  During these formative years they are learning to be adults.  They are developing social skills, learning critical skills at school, while also dealing with family stressors.   They are also managing things we never dealt with as kids, like social media and cyber bullying.  Our culture has changed and there are different social dynamics and pressures kids face now, and it’s sometimes a challenge to fully understand them, especially when we are working and busy ourselves.  Some issues that I am often seeing that are creating emotional and behavioral issues in children include:

* Bullying
* Stressors at home- financial, parent conflict, changes in family configuration
* Target of Racism
* Separations and losses- Grief
* Learning disabilities
* Cyber Bullying
* Electronic addiction
* Sexuality and Gender identity- transition, exploration, confusion, and bullying
* Eating disorders
* Cutting and Self-harm
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Issues with self-confidence
* Stress expressed through anger and defiance

Strategies that are effective vary depending on the needs of the child.  I use art therapy, along with some mindfulness activities, education, wilderness exploration, and ALWAYS parent consultation.  I also do Tapping with Children which can be very effective especial for working with emotional regulation- anxiety, depression, grief and anger.  Because our sessions are typically just 50 minutes per week, I almost always work with parents on developing some strategies they can do at home to best support their child at home.  Doing this work remotely might involve parents providing some art supplies.

If you feel that your child would benefit from outside support, please feel free to reach out to set up an appointment.