I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the United States, for the state of California. I provide Life Coaching for individuals around the world who are seeking guidance in life advancements and achievements. Also, If clients are seeking Tapping, or Mindful coaching, they will sign paperwork for coaching if they are outside the state of California and I will be operating under my EFT/ Tapping certification and training.  Many people seek life coaching to gain skills that will assist them in increasing their quality of life, and to feel a deeper sense of satisfaction and freedom.

Coaching is ideal for the individual that does not feel held captive by deep emotional struggles, past wounding, or trauma.  If you are experiencing any chronic depression, generalized anxiety or symptoms related to trauma, Tapping, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy can be very effective. However, life coaching is best for the individual who is seeking more fulfillment in life.  They may find themselves stuck regarding direction in career, or relationships, or other life changing events.  It is very important to note that If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, have a history of significant self-harm, or having issues regarding addiction and homelessness, Psychotherapy and Tapping will be your best course of treatment, along with other services to assist you in maintaining stability and safety.  That is something we can discuss.

By offering Coaching I am able to provide services to individuals around the world using Coaching, Mindfulness, and Tapping (EFT).  There is a separate intake packet for Coaching clients.  Service cost remains the same.

I look forward to hearing from you!