EFT, commonly known as “Tapping”, is a powerful tool to release emotional charge from issues related to everyday stress to Post-traumatic stress disorder.  People have even expressed the resolution of physical pain.  This technique uses the gentle tapping on meridian points in the body, while using the specific words to describe the stress, hurt and pain to shift stuck and blocked belief systems and energy in the body, resulting in more freedom in our mind and body.

I studied with the Tapping the Matrix Academy with Stephanie Dodds and Rob Nelson, both experts in the field.  Rob is a pioneer in the field with many years using tapping to heal trauma.  I am currently working on my certification for becoming a Tapping the Matrix Certified Practitioner.  With my background in treating trauma through the use of other psychotherapeutic approaches, this has been a powerful addition to my tool box, increasing my ability to address complex trauma.   By using Tapping, and the deeper tapping work called “Hacking Reality” or “Matrix Reimprinting”, I am able to address very sever trauma and complex trauma from childhood, often relieving suffering that has been experienced for decades.  Hacking Reality and Matrix Reimprinting work involve visiting the Younger Self, using tapping on the Younger Self, and reimprinting a new experience for the Younger Self, setting them free from the negative inaccurate belief systems that have held them hostage for years.

These techniques are very powerful and you can often feel immediate results.  Most emotional and physical pain requires more than one session, but some people have reported immediate relief from symptoms they have experienced for years.

Just like any therapeutic technique there is no absolute guarantee of results.  Everyone’s story and journey is unique, so there is no “one size fits all” remedy for emotional or physical pain.  I like to say there is no “silver bullet”, however, most clients report some shift in their emotional well-being after using this technique even just 1 time.  One of the aspects  of this technique that makes this even more helpful, is that it can be used on your own.  This is very valuable, especially during these trying times.  My goal is for my clients to ‘not need me’, and to feel independent and free from services,  and the emotional barriers that limit their potential.

The following link is very helpful in understanding some of the basics of this technique and discusses the research that has been done on EFT’s effectiveness in treatment.


I look forward to tapping with you!